Water Treatment

Design & Supply

Design, Supply, Install, Test & Commission Dosing Systems for various applications including: Disinfection Systems (Regular Chlorine or ChlorineDioxide), Pools ,Chillers, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Remineralization for Bottling Plants

Operation & Maintenance for Water Treatment

Operation & Maintenance for Water Treatment Plants offering full O&M Packages for various plants such as Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultra Filtration, Demin Water, and Waste Water Plants (MBBR, MBR, Grey Water).

Operation & Maintenance for Utilities

Operation & Maintenance for Utilities offering full O&M Packages for various Waterrelated Utilities including Cooling Towers, Chiller Units, Boilers.

Technical Support

Technical Support for clients To ensure they are well equipped for marketing and implementation

Printing & Packaging

Technical training

Technical Training on coatings and special effects by various printing techniques such as offset drip off, narrow web flexo drip off, silkscreen sand and embossing effects.

Auditing &analyzing machinery

Auditing and analyzing machinery and products by checking dampening system and levels of pH and conductivity of solution. Cleaning dampening system via special products that will enhance printing experience. Checking and analyzing anilox rollers cell volumes and actual transfer of coatings/varnishes.

Technical seminars

Technical seminars on various printing matters such as coatings, inks, sundries and many more.